Analysis of Effect of Product Marketing Mix (Culinary) on Sales Volume "(Case Study on Duck Faranissa Business in Situbondo)”

Dyah Ayu Puspitaningrum


The process of marketing the goods produced by the company needs to
know the marketing mix (marketing mix) which contains four main
activities in marketing. The four activities consist of activities related to
the characteristics of the goods or services that are marketed (product),
the way of determining the correct price (price), the way of delivery or
distribution to the consumer's hand (place) and how to give stimulus to
prospective consumers (promotion) in order created request. The first step
to obtaining a good marketing mix is the company must have a clear
framework on the framework and good. This framework is made as a
reference or basic guidance in deciding marketing strategy. Even with the
existence of a good working framework will enable policy makers to
work purposefully and in accordance with systematic stages. With this
framework, a solid marketing mix will result in significant deviations by
encouraging mistakes in marketing mix policy. The type of data in this
study is the primary data obtained by the questionnaire distributed and
secondary data obtained from the results of running data using SPSS
software. The analysis method used is multiple linear regression analysis
is used to find the equation of regression line to describe the effect of
product, price, promotion and distribution a sales volume of Duck
Faranissa Business. The result is Product, price, promotion, distribution
have a positive and significant influence a sales volume.

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